Bakuman 21

Shounen Jack’s Golden-State-Future-Prize-whatever is up for grabs, and Mashiro finds the artists he worked with are now in direct competition with him; that is, they are impediments to the realization of his dream. We haven’t had much indication of what hardships or competition Miho is enduring at the same time; in fact, we know about as much as Mashiro knows, which isn’t much.

So Mahsiro and Takagi strike out and bump into Nakai, who is clean-shaven and now doing the art for Aoki, a she-mangaka who is the first person to say she didn’t like “Money & Intelligence”, and for that, I already like her (they need to learn to take criticism, even if it’s harsh.) Nakai seems a bit smitten with his new partnet, perhaps to a fault, but I’m sure glad he’s not lying on some tatami mat somewhere sobbing himself to sleep anymore. Sheesh…

Anyway, neither Nakai and Aoki, nor Fukuda are the real problem here. All of them will in all likelihood lose out to a friggin Rock star who is taking a break from music to draw manga…and asked his legions of fans to vote for his manga in the Jack questionaire. The deck is stacked; and this leads to a coalition of Mashiro, Takagi, Nakai and Fukuda. They’re not taking this sitting down. I wouldn’t…shit ain’t fair at all. Rating: 3.5