To Aru Majutsu no Index II 20

This week Accelerator escapes with Index from his Hound Dog captors, who hound him the whole rest of the way as he tries to get a bead on the situation via a phone chat with Dr. Frogface. Meanwhile, Touma, protecting Last Order, is first chased by the same Hound Dog, until Vento of the Front shows up. Meanwhile people all over the city are starting to collapse.

I’ll admit I like Vento’s cavalier attitude and zest for mayhem, and the way she attacks, striking the cross at the end of her long tongue chain with her mace to shoot a missile of light. Naturally, cool as it is, it just gets canceled by Touma’s right hand. I fully expected this chick’s face to meet Touma’s fist, but she coughs up some blood and splits in the middle of their fight.

Tsukimikado also returns, apparantly recovered somewhat, since he’s got the moves to dodge several iron spikes that pop out of the ground, which he surmises will be used to kill the passed-out, and hence paralyzed, cityfolk. This is a full-on assault on the city, and both Judgement and Antiskill seem hapless to the task, especially when Accelerator is running wild on his own agenda. But the episode still manages to keep things interesting shifting from one situation to the next and providing lots of peppery action. Rating: 3.5