Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 7

First off, Kurumi is awesome in this episode. Secondly, so is Kent. Yano and Chizu had a lot of great lines last week but this was more of a Kurumi and Kent episode. Kurumi isn’t lying anymore, and Kent doesn’t know how (he too was confused about who liked whom). Kurumi tells off Sadako for being so mousy (as if that was anything new), while Kent is eager to fix things between the hopeless couple, but is stopped at every turn by Yano/Chizu.

Sadako has gotten so ridiculous even Ryu, the quiet one, came out and told her she’s not saying enough. She isn’t, and neither is Kazehaya, but like Yano and Chizu, Ryu will only interfere so far. On the other hand, Kent thinks he’s God’s gift to humanity, while Kurumi is simply pissed off that the girl Kazehaya rejected her for is being such a pansy.

Finally, I can’t forget Kazehaya interpreting his encounter with Sadako as her rejecting him. Honestly these two have squandered so many opportunities to understand each other’s feelings, it doesn’t surprise me that they both think they rejected one another. They both need either medication…or nosier friends. Rating: 3.5