Level E 7

All in all, week 7 of Level E was a great wrap-up to the Color Rangers arc. It didn’t stick with the same formula as last week, as the kids have arrived at the castle to hear the King’s pleas for aid: the show also continues its penchant for misleading its audience. It would have had us believe a girl one of the rangers likes has been kidnapped, but the damsel in distress is just the Prince in princess drag.

They keep running with this too, as the Prince has designed the game so even he doesn’t know whats next. This leads him to aquiescing to the evil General Luci’s demand for marriage, including S&M and role-playing. The fact that Luci’s AI needs to bone up (no pun intended) on wedding night practices is a useful and hilarious stall. The fact the all-powerful “demon lord” is a kindly mini-Prince is also a nice touch.

So even though this group of kids got into the spirit of Prince’s game, while learning how devious and insincere he can be, they still let him get the better of him, as he lulls them into false security by returning them to Earth – only so they can reunite in the classroom and be transported right back to the RPG world. You can really taste the anguish and misfortune of the Prince’s victims…and it tastes great. Rating: 3.5