To Aru Majutsu no Index II 18

A somewhat transitory episode is made nonetheless watchable by some neat interactions as Touma ends up hanging with MISAKA and Last Order while Index bumps into Accelerator. It’s amazing how un-annoying Index sounds when compared to all the self-narrating MISAKAs. The normal-sized MISAKAs also seem to be gaining more in the way of personality, which is nice.

Dialogue styles aside, Accelerator and Last Order have a relationship almost identical to Touma and Index: a big brother protecting the little sister. Only Index has saved Touma’s life on numerous occasions. Now that Accelerator is weaker, Last Order vows to be the one to protect him. I’m not quite sure why she stole goggles and ran off (beyond setting up this episode), but it’s nice to know there are thoughts in her head and not just impulses.

This series is always best when it focuses on Touma and Misaka, and not all of the shallower characters – on both the scientific and magical/religious sides – who really just take up space and time. Since the series is poised to introduce yet more new characters in the magical conflicts ot come, I’m weary that the solid core of characters will get lost in the soup of peripherals and jargon. But I hope I’m wrong, and the new stuff that’s coming will be interesting. Rating: 3.5