Star Driver 18

Madoka was defeated last week, so she now has to sit in the corner, right? Wrong. I expected her partner Kou to have a go at Tauburn, but instead, Madoka tries again, this time with her first phase. This phases is much like Kaname Tosen’s or Grampa Nurarihyon’s ability: all dull or confuse the senses in one way or another.

This time Takuto’s wild slashings are all for naught; he’s slashing at shadows. Sugata, who apparently has no patience whatsoever, decides to toss out his trump card to quickly end the fight, putting himself in another deep slumber and nearly burning Madoka (and bystander Takuto) to a crisp. Speaking of burning, a utterly stupid and ridiculous fireworks battle ends in Takuto’s dorm going up in flames, yet not one eye falls victim to the veritable hail of bottle rockets, sparklers, and roman candles. Lucky peeps, these.

Anyway, to get back to Keito, while she no longer hangs with fellow maiden Wako and maintains a stoic, aloof exterior, the fact remains she loves to sing and pretend to be an idol. This results in perhaps the best comedic moment of the episode: when Takuto, just hired by Keito’s mom, busts in on Keito right in the middle of a big karaoke finale. This is just another step  to humanize characters and keep things light and breezy, so when things go awry, we actually care who’s affected. Rating: 3.5