To Aru Majutsu no Index II 17

With week 17 comes a new OP (I wasn’t immediately sold but it’ll grow on me), as well as a fresh Academy City arc. The first one was excellent, and after all the religious war and magic mumbo-jumbo, it will be nice to get back to some scientific conflicts Touma must smash with his fist. The change of scenery immediately re-peaks my interest. Touma also has to deal with Misaka, who is so enthusiastic about being able to order Touma around that she’s dreaming about it, much to Shirai’s chagrin.

I actually quite like Touma and Makoto as a couple, and I wish the series would do a little more than just dangle them around each other. Their chemistry is great, and their pretending not to like each other when they do was really sweet and entertaining. The new OP almost seems to revel in all the pairing possibilities involving Touma and practically every other female, but most of those are pointless in my view. Touma and Makoto have been through so much together, and they both carry the burden of unbelievable powers. They’re made for each other. Any time the series wastes time with Touma and someone else, I grow disinterested fast. Touma and Misaka are just plain fun to watch.

This episode was also practically crawling with MISAKAs, who seem to be gaining personality. Their dialogue is initially amusing, but it grows tiring after a while, though I appreciate the voice talent and skill necessary to say all that crap so precisely. When a MISAKA pulls out a large rifle after having her visor stolen by the ‘lil MISAKA, it’s certainly foreboding, especially when she talks of “revolution.” But I do like the prospect of Real Misaka and Touma having to fight side by side to fight off whatever new threat is coming. Rating: 3.5