To Aru Majutsu no Index II 16

Once more, the fate of all freedom and science-loving peoples rests in the right (and left) fist of Kamijou Touma. Why he decided going on vacation in the country that’s home to Catholic HQ was a good idea, but it’s a good thing he did; otherwise the Ice Fleet would have done irreparable damage to human society, culture, and history.

What I found odd was that while every time his fist hit a wall, it created an opening, what i don’t understand is why his ability wouldn’t negate the entire ship itself. I mean, that constituted a very serious limit to his powers: yes, he has to make sure the rest of his body isn’t injured to use Imagine Breaker, but I don’t see why he couldn’t just destroy the whole dang ship that contained all the apparatus needed for Biagio the Evil Priest to carry out his dastardly plan.

No matter; Amakusa kept the sisters at bay while he dueled with the awesome-voiced Biagio, ultimately scoring that oh-so-important blow to the face after telling him he should have made sure he was dead. Then he goes and makes the exact same mistake, turning his back on his opponent. You’d think he’d learn from Oriana Thomson and all the other people he’d punched in the past: sometimes one punch isn’t enough. Rating: 3