Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 3

This is more like it. Just as Ume was often more interesting than Sadako, Kent is almost immediately more interesting than Kazehaya. While he claims to be a psychic, he may just be very observant and have good ears, because Sadako isn’t all that hard to read. But he’s in a new class, and is obviously bored with normal girls, so Sadako is the perfect project to keep him entertained. And she’s putty in his paws.

That isn’t to say he has ill intent; he may well be genuinely concerned for her well-being and social progression. Unlike Kazehaya, he’s able to speak to her plainly and comfortably. Kazehaya seems more human in this episode, and his chat with Shuu is one of his more heartfelt. He actually gets riled up, realizing he hasn’t made his position clear (one must bang it over Sadako’s head, after all), and with Kent on the prowl, his window is closing.

That Kazehaya just comes out and says he’s a “self-centered, inconsiderate, possessive jerk”, the stoic Shuu doesn’t disagree, only adds that Kazehaya also has a temper. These are the flaws beneath his otherwise perfect exterior that few, other than Shuu, know about. Sadako certainly doesn’t know, as she idolizes anyone who takes the slightest interest in her. This makes her vulnerable to being toyed with; first by Ume, and now, perhaps, by Kent.

Kazehaya hardly makes things better by telling her even more imprecise, cryptic things than he said before, leaving her to try to figure it out in her head…never a good thing. Regardless of the continued misunderstanding due to poor communication skills, this was the best episode of the series so far. Rating: 3.5