Freezing 4

Uh…déjà vu? Another week, another crazy upperclassman with a bone to pick. This time it’s Ingrid Bernstein who challenges Sattelizer, but rather than wanting her limiter like Miyabi, she wants revenge for first-years abandoning her and her friend while they fought off an S-type Nova. She survived, her friend didn’t. So she’s angry. Grr.

I get that, but this still seems like a flimsy premise for targeting Sattelizer. I mean, why her, specifically? Isn’t her beef with all the first-years who were there? Ganessa was too, but Ingrid doesn’t even know who she is. She’s another traitor, yo! Finish what you start! But no: she just wants to fight Sattelizer, with or without a limiter. Aoi offers to join with Sat, but she demurs for the umpteenth time.

What follows is the same battle where boobs are inevitably exposed (that this is so overused really takes away from the serious tone of the series) and despite having a baptism, Aoi saves the day with his unbelievably powerful solo Freezing. This could be the way it’s going to be: Sat doesn’t want to be touched, and Aoi doesn’t need to be her limiter to do what he does, so it seems like a perfect fit. Now all she needs are clothes that won’t fall off at the drop of a hat… Rating: 2.5