Bakuman 16

The drama mounts: Akito is struggling with coming up with a good enough name for a mainstream manga, while becoming continually distracted by Kaya. Moritaka, meanwhile, is buoyed by Miho’s appearance in an anime, and then asked by Hattori to be Niizuma’s summer drawing assistant.

All of these events have repercussions. Moritaka will be working separate from Akito, which will create a rift between them, whether they like it or not. Then again, perhaps being apart will help Akito focus and come up with something before summer’s end. Only problem is, his girlfriend isn’t going anywhere, and he kind of likes spending time with her.

I love it when Kaya asks him: “I’m not getting in the way, am I?” His response is to kiss her. In reality, she is getting in the way, but in the way of Moritaka and Akito making a manga...not in the way of Akito finding happiness. Even though he was the one who dragged Moritaka into this, he could be the one starting to tire of the constant work and rejections, and may just want a normal high school life with his girl.

Even if he wants to stay on the manga track, he may not have a choice…he and Kaya aren’t as patient and disciplined as Moritaka and Miho… Rating: 3.5