Star Driver 16

Okay…so much epic shit went down this week. After keeping us in the dark about Takuto’s past, we finally learn of what exactly brought him to the island, how he got his mark; the secret of Mizuno; and that Head is another Galactic Prettyboy! Star Driver’s second half is also making many winter series I’m still watching for some reason look just plain bad.

Apparently the reason Marino looks just like Mizuno is that she is an illusion she made so she wouldn’t be alone. But after enough time, Marino became real, for all intents and purposes, and even gained her own cybody. When Mizuno is captured by Crux and her seal broken, Marino is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, she’s not the only one Mizuno can rely on.

This looked to be the toughest duel for Tauburn by far, and it even looked like game over until Takuto remembered back to a past summer when he and an ill friend built and flew gliders. This led to him getting his mark, and the recollection awakened a light in Takuto that soups up Tauburn and allows him to easily dispatch Head’s cybody, saving Mizuno. But her days of being a maiden are through. It was a fantastic battle and a great payoff.
Rating: 4

Freezing 3

Okay, it’s offficial: most of the students at Genetics are assholes. Sattelizer just minds her business and kicks ass, but everyone looks down on her for seeming so aloof and untouchable. This grates at Aoi, who thinks she’s merely shy and misunderstood. For Satellizer’s part, she’s astounded that Aoi is the only person who can touch her without her feeling ill.

Miyabi, an upperclassman who goes by the name “The Limiter Eater” learns of Aoi’s existence and immediately tries to “recruit” him into her male harem. Satellizer tries to stop her, but with three limiters against her none, she quickly succumbs to their freezing. What follows is an incident that would result in a swift explusion and likely criminal charges for the Limiter eater, but apparently stripping a fellow student down and taking phone pics of her isn’t that big of a deal.

Aoi doesn’t stand by and watch helplessly for long. He’s able to cast a powerful freezing over Miyabi and her minions, allowing Satellizer to get the upper hand. However, by the time Chiffon shows up, it appears as though Satellizer was the primary belligerent, as she has a sword at Miyabi’s throat and all. Never any luck, this girl…

Still,  she and Aoi are on the fast track to ‘baptism’ – the contract between pandora and limiter. They’ll have to contract soon – defeating a sempai means other sempais will challenge them before long. All of this begs the question: are these psychos just going to keep whaling on each other, or don’t they have, you know, a common enemy to fight, the Nova-something-or-other? Rating: 2.5