To Aru Majutsu no Index II 15

So yeah…the fleet of boats…now it makes sense. My Roman-Venetian history is a little fuzzy. Im sure there were gobs of naval battles in the Adriatic between the Pope and the Republic. This fleet is kind of a slight nod to that, but that’s about all. The rest is more Index II sectarian conflicts. Oh, and Touma is finally on the receiving end of a punch from a girl, instead of vice-versa!

Sister Agnese turns out to be kinda on Touma and Orsula’s side, as she and her two sidekick nuns are no longer in the Catholics’ good graces. Agnese agrees to spring them if they take Lucia and Angelene with them while she goes off to do some ritual only she can perform – to create a weapon something that could wipe Venice and all its culture off the map.

So those are the stakes ~ pretty high, considering Venice is a real city and Academy City is a fictional one, but one wonders why the church wants to destroy Venice anyway. Whatever the reason, Touma, Touma’s fist, Orsola, Lucia, Angelene, Index, and Amakusa are all going to work together to stop that weapon. Touma should have gone on vacation in the D.R...Rating: 3