Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 2

Kimi ni Todoke was a lot more tolerable this week, probably because it didn’t involve Valentine’s chocolates and (as much) futility. Still, Sadako and Kazehaya still have their issues. They’re barely able to face each other and talk. Yano is as frustrated as I am, while Chizuru is kind of a non-factor.

As a guy, I think I have to blame Kazehaya for this extended impasse. Sadako is so introverted and shy, and he’s done nothing to try to earnestly reach out to her. He’s kind of stood at the periphery, exchanged the odd smile or words of kindness, and just not properly made his feelings clear.

As a result, Sadako has to try to work things out on her own…in her head. This is a bad idea, in the same way it is bad to “cross the streams” in Ghostbusters. She’s like that bookish girl in the last arc of God Only Knows, only without the books – she quickly becomes lost and confused, asking and re-asking herself questions she can’t possibly answer. I just wish this show would do a better job making it more entertaining than excruciating. Rating: 2.5