Level E 3

Another triumph of quickly-paced, well-timed humor with a little MiB style interstellar relations blended in for extra flavor. I love how the apparently extremely aggressive rival aliens are baseball fans and so agreed to help Prince with a very convoluted scheme to piss people off. They do this because their race just happens to know Tsutsui is a rising star and want his autograph.

Apparently that’s what Prince does: cause suffering in extremely convoluted ways. He’s a genius, but he only wants to screw people over and make them regret ever knowing him. The film insults just about everyone we know so far, and despite essentially being a recap, it’s remixed nicely and littered with hilarious slogans and narration, as well as funny reactions from Tsutsui, Miho, and Craft.

So now Prince has been put in charge of security on earth, which is not part of Dogura’s domain. Most of humanity is unaware of their protectorate status, but that’s okay, as it isn’t as if they can do anything about it. Just like that, the introduction arc concludes. Rating: 3.5