Level E 2

Level E delivers laughs from start to finish, with surprisingly late timing and great physical comedy and wordplay. Even the emotional final scene of the first episode, in which the alien reveals his true self, turns out to be a lie/joke. Without trying, the guy drives Yukitaka up the wall.

It’s also great to see other aliens in action. Like Men In Black, they are all over the place, and they’re all from different worlds, and aren’t all exactly buddy-buddy. But I like how so far things never get too serious, and just when you think they do, the punchline arrives. It makes sense that this guy is a prince too…I mean look at his hair.

Even better is the fact that despite this series is so funny and lighthearted, there is the threat of interstellar war if Prince doesn’t show up at some galactic conference. Yukitaka (whom Miho figures out was once was, maybe still is, a chivalrous punk) doesn’t like it, but the fact remains, Prince has killed someone. Not a human, but an alien of another race. That’s worse. And it probably means more trouble for Yukitaka and the humans around him. It should also be hilarious. Rating: 3.5

Freezing 2

After a fast-paced first episode, Freezing slows down a bit, having introduced a lot of stuff to digest, then re-starts the battle between Sattelizer and Ganessa Roland. The latter slaps Aoi when he gets in the way to stop them, causing some of his blood to spill on Sattelizer’s face. Then she activates her pandora mode to counter Ganessa’s and takes her out in one blow.

I appreciate that the students at this academy have a tough job to do and they have to steel themselves to be fighting machines in order to face their foe and not immediately get wasted. Still, this Roland girl seemed a bit over-the-top in her hatred of Satellizer. It went far beyond rivalry or jealosy. She got way too worked up. Maybe it’s because the last show I watched (IS) also featured a bratty English girl who picked a fight… She also said “Sattelizer el Brigitte” waaay too many times : P

Anyway, this episode established that Aoi and Sattelizer are a match pair, just as Aoi’s roommate is Roland’s limiter. So this rivalry is sure to continue, or possibly evolve into cooperation, considering they both share the same enemy. But considering how much was packed into the exciting premiere, this episode felt a bit lacking, in everything but fanservice, which remained ridiculous. Rating: 3