Yumekui Merry 2

This week sets up what’s going to go down for this series: Yumekui wakes up in “reality”, at Yumeji and Isana’s house. She experiences their kindness and some of what life in the real world is like (like donuts). It’s nice, but she knows she needs to go back to the dream world.

She’s convinced that the only one she can depend on for this is herself, she doesn’t want help. But Yumeji, doing a fair impression of Kamijou Touma (albeit with a less extreme power), resolves to help her all the same, even though he doesn’t even know what to do. Seems a little hasty of him, but he does have that dream-predicting power. There’s definitely a use for him; he just has to convince Merry.

We’re also introduced to Chizuru Kawakami, the mysterious, aloof transfer student, as well as Yumi, a girl who has allowed a dream demon, Serio, to “possess” her, only to see Serio callously destroyed by the hands of another demon. I got the impression this was Chizuru’s demon, but we’ll have to see. So far, Yumekui is off to a good start. Rating: 3