Level E – First Impressions

David Production brought us Book of Bantorra, one of my favorite series of 2010, but Pierrot is responsible for Bleach and Naruto, so I had no idea what was in store with Level E. Fortunately, the opening episode was strange and interesting, with an infusion of comedy and lightheartedness. This series definitely does things its own way.

The rundown is pretty clear-cut: Tsutsui, an upstanding young lad from Tokyo moves to a small town to enroll at the high school and play baseball, and gets tangled up with an alien who just crash-landed there. He also meets his neighbor, the lovely Miho, who just happens to be the daughter of the scientist investigating the alien. What was going to be a glorious springtime of ladies and baseball immediately becomes far more complicated.

While the character design and other production values are nothing to write home about (obvious CGI cars are getting a kinda old), Level E’s strength lies in the verbal sparring between Tsutsui and his alien squatter, and the decent set-up. There are a lot of possible ways this could go, as both the prologue and OP insinuated a much wider scope of storytelling: an MiB-like situation in which aliens are everywhere, but most humans are blissfully unaware. All I know is, there’s a certain je nais se quoi, original vibe to this series; and I’m definitely looking forward to how it proceeds. Rating: 3.5