Star Driver 14

Star Driver’s second half opens with the new  love triangle between Takuto and the You sisters and the regeneration and swift defeat of Manticore’s cybody, Ayingott. Takuto is oblivious to the triangle he’s in. In order to protect Mizuno’s identity, Marino tells the rest of Crux a lie: that the Western maiden doesn’t exist according to Ayingott’s Eyes.

Keito isn’t buying it, and tells the newly-returned Head as much. Now call me back and tell me what the hell I’m talking about! I have to say I’m enjoying Marino’s conflicted character. Even though she has the hots for Takuto and is a member of Crux, Marino’s first loyalty is to Mizuno, and so her actions are forever tied to sis’s protection.

This almost goes horribly wrong when Ayingott goes berserk on her, but fortunately Takuto can hear her cries for help from within his opponent. It takes Sugata’s pillar to weaken Ayingott, but Takuto is able to cross-slash it before it can do any permanent damage. Not much else to report; except that Star Driver is back and as good as ever. Rating: 3.5