Yumekui Merry – First Impressions

This series is going to be about the dream world and the real world, and what happens when the two meet. It’s protagonist is a kid, Yumeji, who is dreaming about an army of cats chasing him, led by some dude who wants to take over his body.

Yumeji also crosses paths with a girl called Merry Nightmare (ah, Engrish) who somewhat resembles Black Rock Shooter; by that I mean she’s cool-looking. But other than that, there’s not much we know about her, because there’s not much she knows about herself.  She’s cool-looking and she can fight, though.

This looks to be another J.C. Staff series in the vein of Ookami-san and Index, which is to say, solid visuals, solid action,  soundtrack, but story-wise, well…we’ll have to see. I do like dream-based stuff, so I shall keep watching for now. Rating: 3

Infinite Stratos – First Impressions

Infinite Stratos or “IS” looks to be a mecha series, though it isn’t immediately certain who the enemies are. So far it’s the story of Ichika, the only guy in an all-girls school; though in this case he’s the only male period who can pilot IS. He’s also in the same class and shares a dorm with his childhood friend Houki (voiced by Occult Academy’s Maya, Yoko Hikasa,) who he hasn’t seen in six years. He also has to deal with his older sister, who’s a teacher and RA.

Not surprisingly, being the only male nets him a lot of attention from the ladies. They all admire his sister deeply, and so his presence there must mean he isn’t a total schlump. He does, however, seem to lack a certain urgency or motivation to meet his potential. It takes a conceited English classmate to insult Japan and challenge him to a duel for him to get going. The harem-ness will grow tiring if overused.

After a sweet, action-y prologue, this was basically just an introductory episode that had Ichika settling into his odd new surroundings. There should be more action with the duel, when we see exactly what he can do. For what it’s worth, I liked the futuristic setting and the chemistry between Ichika and Houki. I want to learn a bit more and see more action now. Rating: 3