Hyakka Ryouran 12 and Wrap-up

Hyakka Ryouran had a nice visual style, but that was pretty much the only thing that made it distinguish itself. I kind of checked out of the last couple episodes because the threat they had to face never really amounted to anything. Shiro Amakusa is barely seen, instead, some kind of melding of Jubeis has to duel Gisen, sacrificing herself in the process in true Samurai fashion. All while Sen and Yukimura guard Muneakira from a sea of, well, more tentacles.

There’s a lot of yelling and screaming about platitudes, but it all seems a little forced and overwrought. It looked pretty good, but the ink blot-blocked fanservice got a little tiresome (do boobs always have to pop out of shirts during battle?) and the fighting got repetitive. I’m glad Yoshikawa redeemed himself a bit, but I still can’t respect his character for the evil shit he did to Nia. As for the main villain Amakusa, well, he’s evil and wants to end or remake the world…because, I guess. Not exactly deep.

There’s an easy way to sum up Hyakka Ryouran – Pretty slick-looking most of the time, but not exactly deep. Rating: 2.5

Series Mean Ranking: 2.833 (Ranked 15th out of 15 Fall 2010 Series)

One thought on “Hyakka Ryouran 12 and Wrap-up”

  1. Good review,
    The series was decent for the time it played out,
    but I was seriously disappointed with the last episode, and overall the animes ending.
    They had set up such a great plot and so much material, only to let it go for such a weak ending.

    I also agree that, unnecessary harem qualities ensued.
    That may not have been what you had meant, but I thought most of it was unnecessary despite the “fan service” aspect of it.

    Frankly, Whenever i see Jubei I think Lucy from Elfen Lied.
    I’m sure she was influenced by that, also.

    Look.. they could EASILY redeem themselves on this.
    Make a second series, continue the plot just a bit more and
    develop on Jubei and Muneakira’s story together within this context of upcoming war.
    Such a potential story is going to waste here..

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