Amagami SS 24

The best arc of the series had the best ending, as Junichi manages to draw out the animated, obstinate Tsukasa he knows and loves. Frankly, it would have been a huge cop-out if it was literally the case of her suffering memory or personality loss. It turns out, she had just buried that other side of her because she misreads Junichi’s vague words. In reality, he loves all the sides of her, and doesn’t want her “erasing” any of them. Once he makes her understand this, she can be at rest.

Mind you, this isn’t before she Kicks. Junichi’s. Ass, which is an awesome way for the “raw” Tsukasa to re-surface (Thus we’re briefly treated to Amagami MM!). She’s also finally able to reveal why she is the way she is. When she discovered Santa didn’t exist, she decided that she’d be Santa; that is, she’d be the source of everyone’s happiness. Somewhere down the road “everyone’s” became simply “her’s”, and she developed her merciless drive towards perfection. But that way would only breed loneliness. Luckily, Junichi volunteered to help her out, and you know the rest.

Having confessed their love and devotion to one another, we jump forward ten years, to the cutest of epilogues, if a bit saccharine. Junichi and Tsukasa are a married couple with a cute-as-a-button daughter, attending the founder’s festival once again. They’re positively oozing happiness; but not fake or forced happiness, but the real stuff. It was a nice touch, and establishes that they didn’t just share a high school fling, but a lifelong love.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa was so dynamic and fun to watch, she’s the one girl I wish had an extra episode or two to explore. But the final episode will instead feature Kamizaki Risa, a new girl. As of now I think I’d prefer either more Tsukasa, or for the ending to feature the girl who originally stood Junichi up. Then again, the series can’t exactly end with a cold rejection, now can it? Rating: 4