Psychic Detective Yakumo 10

Things pretty much return to normal this week, with Yakumo safe and sound and another ghost mystery surfacing. Yakumo has opened up a little more after his ordeal, and the barbs he directs at Haruka are a little less malicious. i wouldn’t exactly call him chipper, but the difference is noticeable after nine weeks of cold, detached Yakumos. When Haruka’s mom mails them an album full of Yakumo baby pictures, Haruka and Nao go nuts.

Yakumo happens to learn from the medical examiner that his father gave off an aura akin to a corpse, bringing up the possibility that his father, like Takeda, is actually a spirit that humans are able to see. In any case, he’s a supernatural being. Meanwhile, the cops are successful in capturing Miyuki, but Chief Miyagawa is worried that higher-ups may sandbag further investigation to save face…so she’s going to meet with Miyuki ASAP. Gotou tags along.

The only thing she says to them (that we hear) is that Isshin will be killed. This is after Isshin goes to the hospital with a headache and leaves learning he has a year to live. Is this coincidence, or did Yakumo’s father do something to him? I don’t have enough info yet; but I will say I really enjoyed the touching scenes in which Isshin comforts Yoshikio, a dying girl in despair. The fact that he shares her fate allows him to connect better than ever with someone’s pain. His reaction to his plight is suitibly enlightened: all things die; live seems short, but it’s long; scary and sad things are simply scary and sad. Rating: 3.5