Amagami SS 23

Holy crap, she snapped! Tsukasa and Junichi are seen flirting with each other one too many times, and it pisses off some girls who were conscripted into helping with the behind-schedule festival. When the two lovebirds show up late, one girl lets them hear it. No one in the classroom is prepared for Tsukasa’s reaction: laughter, followed by a deliciously thorough chewing-out of the petty ringleader. God this girl’s fun to watch.

Later that evening, this liberated Tsukasa burns her notebook and confesses to Junichi, who accepts. But when the pressure to finish the festival prep hits a breaking point, Junichi pleads for her to apologize to the girls and ask them to help. He get slapped for this, but the next morning, it’s done. Tsukasa and the girls have made up, and everyone is working again. And yet…there’s something definitely off about Tsukasa…

She’s returned to her previous state; the same state she was in the entire series until her arc; the Tsukasa who had emerged – and whom Junichi fell in love with – is gone as soon as she arrived! Worth such a price a successful festival is not. This is an intense roller coaster, but while Tsukasa is without question the toughest challenge for Junichi yet, that’s precisely why I consider it the best after a mere three episodes. I also enjoy how Tsukasa’s leitmotif changes to a kinkier minor key whenever her true self came out. I surely hope that side isn’t gone for good…Rating: 4