MM! 10

After Tarou spent so much time with Mio, Arashiko take it upon herself to train to become more like her. It’s become readily apparent that not only is Tarou an extreme masochist, but Mio is an extreme sadist for always whaling on him (an ordinary girl would fall somewhere between Mio and Arashiko). So Arashiko tries to out-sadist the sadist by challenging Mio to a duel – with Tarou as the prize.

They then proceed to try to out-excite Tarou making use of cosplay, silence, and found objects. Mio’s naughty nun beats Arashiko’s naughty crossing guard, but Arashiko counters with a superior act of silence, defeating Mio’s boxing miming with a blizzard of abusive texts. The third challenge descends into anarchy and a draw, as all of the abuse overwhelms Tarou into unconsciousness.

When he comes to, Arashiko is there to explain her actions (she’s been confusing the hell out of him the whole time). He points out that he doesn’t necessarily prefer sadists, he’s just most vulnerable to their abuse; he likes Arashiko the way she normally is . And we’re all back to normal! However, judging by how game Mio was to try to beat Arashiko for Tarou, it’s clear she feels something for him…even if it’s just the urge to beat him, that’s a form of affection. Rating: 3