The World God Only Knows 8

I was very weary of this episode initially. It starts with Keima’s (admittedly hot) mom taking a shower and a bath(?) when she’s attacked by a green dragon-like monster. My first reaction was, like, WTF. Then it gets worse: Elcie wants to bake a cake for Keima so he’ll appreciate her. The monster hatched from one of the infernal eggs she used (Where the heck did she get these ingredients?).

An extended cake-baking segment can be a death sentence for an episode. Unfortunately, significant time is spent on this “story”, and I feared this would be a filler episode in a 13-episode series. However, once the Elcie segment came to a close, the episode reset and replayed the day from Keima’s perspective. This segment reiterated Keima’s contempt for the real world, but it’s a “friendly” rejection; he doesn’t feel like he deserves its scorn: despite perfect scores in his class, he is still scolded for playing games. He sees no logic in this.

The fragmented events of the day are pieced together by episodes end, in which Elice bakes the cake, the monster(s) hatch; the cake is lost in the confusion; Keima finds the cake and covertly eats in the kitchen, around the same time the monster arrives at his house and encounters Keima’s mom in the bath. So, since no new conquest girl was introduced, this…kinda was filler, but at least it was cleverly packaged filler. Rating: 2.5