Psychic Detective Yakumo 8

The revelations and twists come fast and furiously this week, as Haruka’s friends and non-evil family team up to try to ascertain what the hell happened to him and Gotou. I like how despite trying to distance himself from everyone (because he thinks he causes everyone unhappiness due to his ability), the number of people who care about him has only increased.

Not only that, Haruka in particular springs into full Detective Girl Mode, swapping character roles with Yakumo. She also snaps Ishii out of his funk, and he has his best and most serious episode. We delve ever deeper into Yakumo’s past and reveals even more about him, as well as a strange and intricate connection between Haruka and Yakumo: their mothers exchanged letters with one another.

Haruka becomes a target for Miyuki Nanase, but Takeda of all people, the one suspected of murdering her family (but likely didn’t) and on the run from the cops, is waiting there to block her. Whatever happens next, it’s clear that Haruka needs to find Yakumo and Gotou soon, before Miyuki manages to capture her too. Her plans for Haurka vis-à-vis Yakumo aren’t exactly savory. Rating: 3.5

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