Panty & Stocking 8

Part I starts in the middle with P&S and what’s left of the town barricaded in the police station from hordes of zombies. This is all thanks to the demon sisters, who are coming at the angels hard and fast now. When P&S clear a path to the the gun store and it turns out to be a sex store, their sexy weapons only do so much damage. They retreat to their Hummer, where a zombified chuck waits for them. Now zombies themselves, they wait for dawn, when they believe they’ll change back…only they don’t. It’s open-ended, like so many zombie movies. Also worth noting: this segment had the most Engrish swearing of any episode thus far.

Part II is within the construct of a TV show called “Judgment Day” when the host and prosecutor – the demon sisters in disguise – get P&S indicted, convicted, and sentenced to the electric chair for murdering a nonviolent ghost (who is a dead ringer for Stimpy). However, the electricity just turns the angels on, and turns their chimp attorney into a genius who exposes the real culprit ‘Stimpy’s’ wife…’Ren’, a ghost who then goes loco until dispatched by customary gun-and-sword combo. It’s good to see the series still coming up with different fresh ideas. Rating: 3.5