MM! 8

This week was about change, transformations, and the great cycle…of masochism. Mio’s latest scheme to cure Tarou involves hypnosis, but it all goes terribly wrong when he wakes up and they find that he’s no longer a masochist, he’s become a lolicon, and falls for Nao on sight (Nao thankfully has limited screen time here). She hypnotizes him again, but he just becomes a more deranged pervert who terrorizes girls at random.

After still more hypnosis, Tarou is seemingly cured, as neither Mio’s physical and verbal abuse turn him on; quite the contrary, he’s simply in pain. Tarou and Yuuno celebrate finally curing him, and he indeed seems to have lost the only thing that defined his character to begin with…until the next morning, when it’s revealed he now likes dudes; Tatsuchiki specifically.

He goes far to woo his chum, including dressing in drag for the first time (it had to happen eventually). No matter how much Mio and Yuuno attempt to hurt or seduce him, he won’t start liking girls again. Yuuno all but confesses her love to him and it’s like talking to a wall…until a surprise attack from Mio sends him into the stratosphere.

When in this cerebral limbo, Tarou re-opens the door locked by the hypnosis and re-merges with his masochist id. When he wakes up, he’s back to normal. He’s still a masochist, but everyone is relieved, because that is the new normal. This is the closest they’ve gotten to curing him…one wonders what’s left in Mio’s curing arsenal, after nearly destroying Tarou’s brain… Rating: 3.5