Otome Youkai Zakuro 7

Another episode without a distinct conflict, when Kei convinces Zakuro to come with him to visit his family…who live in an enormous palace and have an army of servants, one of whom obviously has a thing for Kei. Zakuro’s reaction to this is a combinaiton of jealousy and pity for the girl, since she knows what a wuss he can be.

About that…Kei got his fear of spirits from a couple things in this house. His father, who is extremely prejudiced against spirits (Zakuro covers her ears to appear human in his presence), and a spirit who started to haunt his room after his beloved pet cat disappeared. It turns out, the cat just turned into a youkai that normally can’t be seen by humans.

Though he has to bribe her to come along, and he refers to her as his assistant in front of his family, this was obviously an opportunity for Zakuro to meet Kei’s parents, which is a time-honored step in courtship, whether between humans or between a human and a half-spirit. This episode doesn’t really go into how furious Kei’s dad would be if he learned Zakuro’s identity, but he could definitely make things very unpleasant for him. Now I wonder if Kei will ever meet Zakuro’s mother… Rating: 3