Oreimo 7

Kyousuke arrives home to find a dark, empty house…but when he switches on the lights, Kuroneko of all people is in the living room. Kirino is upstairs playing eroge. He apparently arrived right after an argument between them. He then proceeds to have all but identical, consecutive conversations with Kuroneko and Kirino. These exchanges further reinforce the fact that these two are more alike than they’d be willing to admit, and that although on the surface they despise each other, there’s a real friendship brewing, if only they’d let it.

The balance of the episode consists of Kyousuke entertaining Kirino’s ambitions to become a writer of novels, her having already submitted one online and gotten a publishing offer. She drags Kyousuke to Shibuya for “research”, which is really nothing more than a Christmas Eve date. The awkwardness of this situation isn’t lost on either when, after Kirino dumps a bucket of water on herself (where’d she get that, anyway?), they have to retreat to a hotel room so she can shower and change.

Kirino is as oblivious and surprised as ever (at least on the surface) whenever Kyousuke points out little details like her obsession with little-sister themed media. I’m trying to figure out whose mind is more warped: Kirino for being so into this stuff in the first place, or Kyousuke for always connecting the dots so callously. After all, there is a wide wide divide between fiction and real life. Rating: 3.5