Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 6

In the first half, a party is thrown at the cafe for Tatsuko two days prior to her birthday, only for everyone to find out that its actually Kon’s birthday. Hotori gives Kon an old box with a Japanese love charm inside, while Tatsuko gets an African mask, which she promptly tries to sell to the very store Hotori got it from.

In the second  everyone has to make a website for class. Not owning a computer herself, Hotori invites herself over to his place with Tatsuko in tow. He doesn’t have a scanner, so they leave, but not before accidentally discovering his print porn stash. Sanada had furiously cleaned his room and deleted all of his computer porn before the girls arrived, but all for naught.

Hotori and Tatsuko visit a very ill Kon, and they learn she owns thousands of CDs, plays the bass, and is a pussycat when sleeping. After tending to her, Tatsuko also gets sick, then Sanada, and even the Cafe’s proprietor; everyone except Hotori. This, after she said idiots don’t catch colds. As usual, Hotori’s intellect remains hopelessly scatological, while Soredemo remains an eminently watchable, enjoyable slice-of-life comedy. Rating: 3.5