Panty & Stocking 7

P&S was on top of its game this week, first delivering a hilarious parody of Transformers, likening their sibling bickering to the ages-long battle between Autobots and Decepticons. They eat their respecive allsparks and become robots themselves, and fight a proxy war until Optimus and Megatron make up and merge into a intergalactic ghost that P&S quickly exterminate, (netting them a Ducktalesesque sea of extremely de-valued foreign Heavens) then return to fighting like nothing happened.

Part two was even better: Panty & Stocking’s frivilous purchases of sweets and aphrodesiacs have put the church $3 million in debt, and the Heavens they make by slaying ghosts are worthless on Earth. So they embark on a number of jobs in which either their stunning looks or general idiocy gets them fired from every single one without making a cent. Desperate, they hit the Casino and quickly make more than $8 million before the proprietors – the Demon Sisters – find out they’re there and rig the games, relieving P&S of all their bounty. It then turns to strip poker, and a lucky sneeze from Panty makes the ball land on 7, thereby hitting the jackpot, releasing a puny ghost that’s quickly squashed, and sending the Demons running once more.

The animation was taken up a notch in this episode, with more realistically-, exquisitely-rendered shots of P&S than ever. The juxtaposition of realistic, Samurai Jack, and live action explosiong styles adds a richness no other series this season can quite match, combined with a pulsing soundtrack that makes you want to move, even though you’re trying to watch a tv show. Rating: 4