Hyakka Ryouran 6

For a series that thus far has had no problem tearing women’s clothes off at every possible opportunity (albeit with strategically-placed ink blotches), a beach episode seemed redundant, but as soon as I heard ‘vacation home’, I knew full well what was coming. Also, I believe the “girl with too much luggage” trope was played out around 1860…

Fortunately, it seems that for the time being Muneakira will only have to deal with two women vying for his love – Sen and Yukimura – which simplifies things on the love polygon front. I’m not sure what the significance of his choice (if he ever makes one) will be. What we do know is, Sen’s brother is bad. So bad, he’d even throw Kanetsugu under the buss if she fails in her reconnaissance mission. Kanetsugu releases a shikigami he gave her that immediately turns on her and swallows her.

Fueled by compassion rather than rage, Sen and Yukimura have to stop squabbling and work together to defeat the monster, with crucial help from Jubei, who I thought was too dangerous to revive, but apparently she’s become less wild and more amenable. This is a decent battle that saved the episode from total mediocrity. Since they saved her life, I assume Kanetsugu will join Muneakira & Co., despite having consistently deemed him a perverted scoundrel. Rating: 2.5