Nurarihyon no Mago 18

When Sodemogi grabbed Natsumi’s sleve, I thought she was a goner. Luckily for her, Kuro tailed her when she went to offer paper cranes to the Senba shrine. Sodemogi is destroyed and the curse is lifted, but her life is still threatened until Senba gets enough attention to heal her.

I find the whole relationship between deities, youkai, and humans fascinating. The Nura clan draws collective power from all the little local deities with shrines all over the city. The Shikoku youkai have been destroying them, which in turn is sapping the clan of its power. Not only that, shrines that are neglected by humans fall into disrepair, the deities simply fade away. It makes you wonder how just many deities there were before Japan got all modern and busy, since are still so many shrines standing today, even in the middle of Tokyo.

In any case, it finally happened: one of Rikuo’s vulnerable friends was targeted by the 88 kiyakou heads (only Yura can actually fight youkai, and she’s not exactly durable). And it was only by the grace of (a) god she wasn’t killed. There’s still five heads out there that need defeating, and they aren’t just going to stay still and let it happen. Rating: 3.5