Otome Youkai Zakuro 6

After last week’s big to-do, this episode kicks back and develops the characters a little more; not a bad thing. Hozuki and Bonbori regail a distraught Ganryu about their dark and rather odd past, while both Susukihotaru and Zakuro also reminisce about their earlier years. Zakuro tries to pry information about her mother from the white fox, to no avail. I wonder if Zakuro’s power and the way she strengthens the other half-spirits would be disturbed if she learned this “truth” before she was ready.

Then, while fetching a kite from a tree, Zakuro blanks out again, causing her to fall onto Agemaki, who ran to catch her. Her mother’s pendant breaks and he fixes it for her. Then she asserts her eagerness to find out more about her mother (I mean, she can’t be as bad as Yakumo’s mother, who tried to kill him, amaright?). In all, a very calm, quiet outing. Rating: 3