MM! 6

Leave it to Tarou’s mom and sister to make him and Yuuno appear downright levelheaded and normal. In fact, if it weren’t for their realistic interactions throughout, this episode would’ve been a total loss. MM! would do well to give them the lion’s share of screen time in its second half.

I don’t like his mom and sister; they simply don’t work as characters. They both harbor unnatural feelings for their brother/son. That’s the only thing that defines them both. They’re not interesting; they’re just drab caricatures. And their elaborate, multi-stage plan to scare off Yuuno fails, because it doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to it. Yuuno just shrugs it all off.

But even their hi-jinx weren’t as bad as the beginning of the episode, when Mio continues to attempt to cure Tarou of his masochism by…dressing up in sexy outfits and hurting him. Hasn’t this strategy already proven futile? Isn’t it really turning Mio into more of a sadist? He likes getting hurt, so try something else already! Rating: 2.5