Shiki 13

Things just keep getting worse in the ol’ village. Toru ends up drinking enough of Natsuno’s blood to finally do him in. He’s definitely not gone, though, he’s sure to become the newest okiagari, which will have all kinds of ramifications. Meanwhile, even Toshio’s wife ensnared by the risen, and he’s powerless to stop her death.

When Natsuno’s dad emerges from his workshop to find his wife has run off and his son is dead, he has his body taken away by the new funeral home (apparently, word’s gotten out there’s mortuary money to be made in this village), but the good doctor instead decides to put his recently deceased spouse on ice, presumably to wait for her to wake up again.

Both deaths are surprisingly austere and there isn’t much exposition, a testament to how accustomed everyone is getting to death. With one of the main characters sure to become a vampire, and no sure solutions in sight, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how anyone is going to be left alive in the village. Rating: 3