The World God Only Knows 4

Flag 4 disposes of the usual formula and wholly involves Keima attempting to beat a game on his PFP. This particular game is famous for being full of bugs, including one scene that always loops, not matter what choice you make; making the game impossible to beat. Everyone eventually gave up and stopped playing it and the studio that made it went out of business.

Not even technical glitches will deter Keima from taking up the challenge. El questions why he’d play such an obviously crappy game when he says that real life is exactly that – a crappy game. His response further reinforces how seriously he takes gaming: it isn’t the heroine’s fault the game she’s in is crappy. The bugs have trapped her, and it’s his duty as the last player to save her. She is no less real to him than the girls he’s courted thus far. Rating: 3