Hyakka Ryouran 4

While Jubei continues to harbor some mysteries (why did she fall from the sky, etc.) we at least learn something new and significant about Muneakira: when Sanada kisses him (while locked in an extremely compromising position) she is transformed into a master samurai as well. Princess Sen probably wanted to test this as well, but the opportunity to kiss him never came up. Seriously, aren’t these people adults?

Anyway, while Sanada has gained supersized wind-emitting fans (perfect for slicing strategic bombers), she cannot control the sudden surge in powers. Interestingly, her personality doesn’t change like Jubei’s does, and Muneakira isn’t paralyzed either. This probably means there’ll be a similar result if Sen, Hanzo, or Matabei kissed him.

It’s intimated that without master samurai, Great Japan would fall to invading armies (apparently there’s no JSDF in this alternate present). So it’s good that Muneakira can make them simply by kissing people. But how and why, we simply don’t know yet. Rating: 3