Nurarihyon no Mago 15

When a dangerous rival clan arrives at the gate of your mansion, threatens to take over your town and instill fear in its people, then attempts to burn said gate to the ground, what’s the best course of action? Invite all of your friends over for a sleepover, apparently. Then while they’re distracted, slip away and witness a battle between the respective clans’ water specialists, and return like nothings happened.

Rikuo has three major goals: keep his youkai clan united, keep his human friends safe, and keep his clan and friends separate as much as possible. This episode proved how futile it may be to achieve all three simultaneously. Since the mansion’s the safest place for his friends, the risk of exposing them to the yokai and vice versa increases.

Not all yokai in his clan are okay with him having human friends, and if the enemy found out, they’d make all-too enticing targets. So Rikuo walks the tightrope, and the big battle remains on the horizon. Meanwhile, Yura’s the wild card, but she still seems too weak and inexperienced to be a factor. We will see. Rating: 3

The World God Only Knows 3

Flag three tied up Conquest two in a neat little bow, following the same basic structure of engage-and-retreat, strategizing, turning bad impressions into good, and in the case of the no-longer-rich Mio, appealing to her vanity. Keima smartly realizes that sharing a secret is a good opening to exploit, which he does. For this and all future real-world battles, he vows to stick to the tenets of the game world.

It takes many subservient encounters with Keima for Mio to let her guard down, forget Keima’s a commoner, and crack a smile. He then invites her to a date at a high society soiree and in their one interaction with chums from her former aristocratic life is enough for another opening: Keima pleading for her to abandon that charade, mourn her father, and live her own life.

I do hope the battles stay diverse, as the first two have been. It’s definitely entertaining to imagine the gears turning inside Keima’s head as he draws from his wealth of dating knowledge and crafts strategies to win hearts. It’s just a shame they always lose their memories when the loose soul is extracted; though he doesn’t seem to care. Plenty of fish in the sea, I suppose. A final note: the music in this episode was excellent throughout. Rating: 3.5