Hyakka Ryouran 3

Some answers are revealed in the mystery of the bipolar Jubei Yagyu, while she, Muneakira and Princess Sen become roommates at the dojo. This presents numerous opportunities for Sen to exhibit her jealousy of Jubei. The love triangle here could prove annoying. However, I don’t think I’ll tire of the textured animation style and costumes, which still look superb three episodes in.

Anyway, whenever the cheerful, docile Jubei kisses Muneakira, the master samurai within her is drawn out, and Muneakira is paralyzed while she wreaks havoc, which fortunately isn’t much. It turns out she isn’t a mindless killing machine, but stays her sword when Matabei protects Yukimura with her person in a show of loyalty to the death. Shortly thereafter Jubei reverts back to docile mode, so we don’t learn much else. Rating: 3