Oreimo 3

Aha, things seemed to be going swimmingly when all of a sudden, Kirino slips up and is caught red-handed in possession of an eroge DVD by her dad. If he finds her stash, he could kick her out. This dad isn’t just any dad, mind you; he looks like a friggin’ samurai, and is voiced by the same cat who did the dad in Evangelion, so he means business. Even faced with such an adversary, Kyousuke does what any big brother would do and steps up to defend his sis from Big Bad Dad.

This means arguing passionately for her right to keep a very unusual hobby, considering she’s made friends and is otherwise perfect at everything. He even resorts to confessing it was actually his indecent video, until dad grudgingly yields, ending the discussion by slugging him. I mean if you can’t stick up for your sister, who can you stick up for? She’s even genuinely grateful. Still, I almost feel bad for Kyousuke’s cute classmate who is obviously interested in him, because he doesn’t seem to notice. With all this worrying about Kirino, he shouldn’t forget his own life. Rating 3.5

Katanagatari 10

You really feel the length and breadth of the journey Togame and Shichika are undertaking when you have to wait a month for each episode. The scale of the Japan they traverse it largely on foot is felt too, as well as the pace of life in a different age.

Each month has had a different flavor, from straightforward one-on-one battles to this month’s extremely cerebral and zen-like, riddle riddled battle that isn’t even a battle, save against Togame’s and Shichika’s own psyches. This episode also used not one or two but every one of the opponents Shichika initially lost to, including his sister.

I was worried there would be recap, but these characters were brought back for a specific and original purpose as part of a greater illusion by this month’s opponent, a ‘holy man’ with the form of a mischievous child. Since this is the third to last episode, more is revealed about identities, objectives, and motivations, and it portends a great deal of clashing between Togame, the Maniwa, and the princess with the guns. Rating: 3.5