Otome Youkai Zakuro 2

So how goes our squad of human army lieutenants and their fair, fox-eared half-youkai partners? This time they have to play Ghostbusters for the owner of a western hotel (not a Best Western), and more political strife is reveald when they partially destroy his hotel in the process. The elegant ‘battle’ the girls fight is really more of a ritual, not a brawl.

The problem is, parts of Japan are “Westernizing”, and the building glut has led to the destruction of shrines that house spirits, which makes them angry and confused. Zakuro resents the trend of lighting cities up a night and such, but she and her companions’ half-youkai status is not a desirable one, as they are surrounded by humans who are filled with a volatile mixture of hatred and fear. They’re literally stuck in the middle…not ideal.

Still, there are humans willing to foster amity and compromise and to coexist with youkai, which is the point of the “Spirit Affairs” bureau. I do wonder, moving forward, how serious the conflict would get between the youkai and the humans who refuse to live with them, and whether there are parts of the military against consorting with youkai at all. In the meantime, the flirting continues.

An aside: I quite like the creepy-yet-nurturing white fox-woman and especally the serene old elephant-man. They just float (not literally) over everything and observe…just as deities should. Rating: 3

Psychic Detective Yakumo 2

Another week, another case for Yakumo the Psychic Dick. He continues to be an aloof dick too, with nothing nice to say to Haruka the whole episode. That said, he does see dead people, whether he wants to or not. That kind of condition would make someone, well…the way he is.

Regardless of his callousness, it’s’ good to see Haruka “get” him, and seems to want to be his friend, and isn’t going to give up easily. She’s even jealous when she sees him with another broad, although this turns out to be another client and nothing more. It’s obvious it will be a steep hill for Haruka to climb before she can get him to open up to her.

The mystery, again, was solved pretty much instantly, with some off-camera deduction. The story of a guy losing the woman he was eloping with because he was stubborn was a bit transient, but it had a decent payoff, and no shrines were relocated after all. In all, this was a quiet episode; but it did hint that some potential villains lurking in the shadows would start to move soon. Rating: 3