Oreimo 2

I think I’m liking this series so far because of its underlying premise: it’s about an older brother and younger sister learning to get along, and the latter depending on the former for support. In this case, the sister is an otaku, and her brother suggests she branch out and find others like her. Her school friends are all normal girls, which is to say, not into eroge.

This quest leads inexorably to Akiba, which is nicely depicted, particularly a no-nonsense, realistic maid cafe experience, which catches Kyousuke off-guard. Kirino doesn’t fit in with the group of otaku girls who show up, but during the after-party, begins spontaneously sparring verbally with an emo girl who also didn’t fit in. Armed with new otaku friends, Kirino must concede that her big bro helped her out.

Kyousuke really is a good sport when it comes to accommodating Kirino, and even plays the weird games and graphic novels she gives him to help him understand her better. The only thing I’m wondering is, now that Kirino’s “life consultation” is over (at least according to Kyousuke), where is this series going to go next? Rating: 3

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