MM! – First Impressions

MM! sticks to well-established conventions. It’s main character Tarou is a masochist, while the counselors he goes to for help consist of a firey tsundere (his S, perhaps?) who likes beating him and a moe girl who is disgusted by him. Oh yes, and Tarou’s best friend is a cross-dresser. I have to admit, I’ve seen better-portrayed versions of all of these archetypes elsewhere, with the possible exception of Tarou himself; I can’t recall a series I’ve seen that centers around an M in this way.

As with the film Snakes on a Plane, it’s hard to know if such a ‘high concept’ series can sustain itself for more than one episode. I really have no need to watch Snakes on a Plane more than the two times I’ve seen it; its concept is so clear-cut and so obviously cobbled together for the sole purpose of Sam Jackson yelling the “muthaf***in snakes” line, it is somewhat pointless to watch it again. Even the second viewing was a bit of a chore.

MM! came very close to exhausting the comedic value of schoolgirls hitting him and him getting pleasure out of it…after one episode. So I’m a little dubious of this show having any staying power, particularly in an extremely full and (overall) impressive fall season. Still, I wasn’t completely unentertained, so I’ll watch at least one more episode. Even though I have a feeling I already know exactly what it’ll be about (hint: it rhymes with “cataclysm”)Rating: 2.5