Nurarihyon no Mago 11

The moment Rikuo announces his intention to succeed his grandfather as the Nura clan’s Supreme Commander, a rival youkai clan comes out of the woodwork to challenge him, dispatching one of Nura’s grizzled veterans with alarming ease. Things are going to get rougher from here on out for our little Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde dude.

In this episode, Yura the onmyogi gets some well-deserved screentime, and doesn’t waste it. Ai Maeda even breaks out of her normally cutesy voice when she gets all serious and kick-ass, and proves more than a match for the wind-weilding youkai. Her whole interaction with the Supreme Commander has a nice dynamic. He clearly excels at concealing his youkai identity, so Yura assumes he’s just her friend’s small, helpless old grandfather. He even admits that of course all youkai are bad, simply because they’re “youkai.”

It’s a good point…demons are demons. They’re not supposed to befriend humans. But some are clearly worse than others, and so Yura’s struggle will continue if/as she learns the truth about Rikuo and his ‘family’ – can she bend the precepts of onmyogi-hood by befriending some youkai while hunting others? She’s still young, so it isn’t a stretch to believe she may. Rating: 3