Nurarihyon no Mago 10

After the duel and reconciliation with Rikuo’s betrayer and the political mess was cleaned up, the series could sit back and focus on a underused character, Kana. It wasn’t until this episode that I even noticed she was Aya Hirano (which is strange, considering she’s the lead heroine in Fairy Tail, which I’m currently watching). Chalk it up to how little she’s actually said in the first nine episodes. I also figured out Yuki-onna is voiced Yui Horie (Kushieda in Toradora); her quirky voice works very well for the spirited snow girl.

Anyway, this episode centered on Kana, and was the first to do so; as such, Hirano gets to say a decent amount. So much of the series has taken place from Rikuo’s perspective, it was good to see her get a little more fleshed out. Rikuo’s friends basically have no choice but to deal with demons from here on out, because they’re certainly not going anywhere. What I like is how they react in different ways. Had Yura busted in on a restaurant packed with Youkai she would have gone ballistic – it’s her calling to hunt them.

But Kana plays a more pragmatic role; much like Chihiro in “Spirited Away”, she kinda just goes with the flow. That said, it’s interesting that now she’s suddenly interested in Night Rikuo and not the weeny day version; one wonders if he’ll ever tell her (or anyone else) that they’re both him. I suppose that wouldn’t go over so well in the demon world, but being the boss must have its perks. Rating: 3

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