Ookami-san – Wrap-up

And lo, the first of the summer 2010 anime series I’ve been watching comes to a close after 12 nice but ultimately unexceptional episodes. After the (fairly easy and credulity-straining) conclusion of “Ookami’s Past” mini-arc in episode 11  (seriously, how much of a past could these teenagers possibly have?), episode 12 actually tells a new story, about a rival for Ookami, a young woman who wants to marry into money (Cinderella?).

This could have been awful, but like most of the character profiles explored in Ookami-san, it’s actually quite well done and nicely encapsulated. The sudden rival who actually has a chance to steal Ryouko away from Ookami finally forces her – somewhat – to admit her feelings for him. Perhaps an obvious and contrived catalyst, but competently executed.

A colorful cast of mostly likable and well-designed characters and their nice moments of development kept me coming back to this series, not its whimsical (if flimsy) tie-in to fairy-tails and fables or its high school warfare premise. The ending didn’t rule out a sequel, but that’s by no means a certainty, and in any case, it may be a year or so off if it happens. Meantime, bring on Index 2! Rating: 3 (Ending: 3)