Amagami SS – Sae Nakata Arc

I continue to enjoy the diversity of relationships Amagami delivers. The first arc involved an “out of my league” girl, the second involved the “childhood friend”, and the third arc involved a girl who was neither. Junichi’s target this time is an underclassman who has a really high cutesy voice and is extremely shy,  reticent, and unsure of herself. Her voice somehow avoids getting too annoying, probably because she rarely talks that loudly. I suppose you’d call her moe.

As in the other two arcs, the feelings of both guy and girl are explored. They both like each other, but both lack courage until the conditions are right. As usual, four episodes is a perfect amount of time for them to get to know and like each other. The student-instructor formula is used well in this case: He builds her confidence by training her, and her resultant success bolsters his.

In a strange move, this arc heavily featured a narrator, telling the story like a fairy tail. I must confess I could’ve done without this, as it was lacking in the previous two arcs and the writing is good enough that the narration usually only spells out points already made…though the way he said “Special Banana Parfait” was pretty damn funny. As for the ‘flash forward’, I’m not sure how filming your girlfriend in a blue penguin suit jumping on your bed with your little sister is an appopriate activity for girlfriend and boyfriend, but whatever floats your boats! Rating: 3.5